Vladimir has shown extraordinary abilities and achievements in contemporary art in recent years. Starting as an artist in Russia and continuing his achivements in Dubai, and later worldwide he developed his professional career in different art areas, such as: NFT, Graffitti, Digiatl art, oil on canvas, acrylic, body art, fashion presentations, TV hosting. Being a TV reporter, music video clip actor, art curator, fashion weeks moderator and artist at the same time, Vladimir Vopilin earned trust and respect among Big UAE, UDSA, European entertainment companies and art gelleries, dealers and agencies.

⦁ Winner in the nomination “Contribution to the NFT/Digital art” – Competition: “Prestigious Person of the Year 2021”, which was held on the 7th September 2021 in Luxury Barvikha Village, Moscow, Russia, organized by Royal Birds Production in cooperation with @Premiyagoda.
⦁ Winner in the nomination “Unique new contemporary approaches in art” Louvre Abu Dhabi (UAE) – competition: “Louver Abu Dhabi Art Here Exhibution 2021, The Richard Mille Art Prize”, 2021-2022.
⦁ Judge at Miss Florida US Nation 2023 Pegeant – Palm Beach Graderns, U.S.
⦁ Judge at Annual beauty pageant Mr. and Mrs. UAE International 2022, Dubai, UAE
⦁ Author and publisher of the book about unique techniques and methodology for the professional artists “ Contemporary art as a way of life”
⦁ Awarded member of the MoRa’s Museum fashion advisory board, NJ, USA
⦁ Awarded Brand Ambassador: Modny Don (Milan, Italy), Fashion House Ivanova (Sochi, Russia), Klondike Fine Jewelry, Inc (Miami, USA), Louis Vuitton (Sochi, Russia), Heritage India Fashion (NY, USA), Marriott hotel (Sochi, Russia), Imax Real Estate (Dubai, UAE), “Russian Emirates” Magazine (Dubai, UAE), Sochi Casino (Krasnaya Polyana, Russia), Blooming image Agency, Mr. Vibem contemporary artist , etc
⦁ April 2020 – Solo online exhibition of contemporary photography and portraits “Famous Faces”, MoRa Museum, NJ, USA
⦁ September – November 2020 Solo art Exhibition “WORLD”, MoRa Museum, NJ, USA
⦁ November 2021- Presentation of Mora Museum at the Art Basel Exhibition in Wynwood, USA
⦁ July 2-29, 2022, Art Exhibition “Imaginations”, Palm Beach, Boccara ART, USA
⦁ May 2021, Solo art Exhibition “World of Beauty”, Mercure Barsha hotel Dubai (UAE)
⦁ World Art Exhibition in Dubai, UAE, November 2020
⦁ World Art Exhibition in Dubai, UAE, April 2021,
⦁ Solo exhibition on Ceremony of Award “Person of the Year 2021 in art”.  Barvikha Luxury village, Moscow, Russia, 7th September 2021,
⦁ Solo exhibition – Museum of Russian Art in New Jersey, USA, September – November 2021,
⦁ Portraits are located in private collection of Sheikh Al Qassim Sharjah (UAE),
⦁ Personal exhibition in private gallery Geneve (Switzerland), August 2021,
⦁ The youngest participant in the BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART IN PUGLIA (ITALY), September 2021-February2022. (Pinacoteca Miani-Perotti(Cassano) museum, Archeological Museum Altamura, Pomarichi Foundation/Santomasi (Gravina), Capitoline Museum (Gravina)
⦁ Exhibition “New Vision” – Presentation of contemporary art and design, 20th of October 2021. STATE HERMITAGE, St Petersburg, Russia.
⦁ Qatar International Art Festival 2021, Doha (23-28October 2021) – Mr. Vibem – Russian Ambassador of Arabic art,
⦁ Exhibition on World International Beauty Contest, Miami, USA, 7th November, 2021,
⦁ Participation in International online Exhibition “Iranian-Russian Artists” 15th November, 2021 (L’art International group Iran),
⦁ Exhibition of women art “FORBIDDEN FRUIT”/ World Art Basel Exhibition by women Artists, November 2021- December 2021, Miami, USA (Wynwood)
⦁ International Art Fair (New York, USA, Margo Gallery, NFT) – February 12 – March 20, 2022
⦁ Portrait of Mr. Steven Seagal – in his private collection – April 10th, 2022NFT Exhibition (Moscow, Russia)-educational platform NFT CONF and LIVUITON – 29th April 2022