Our Partner (Sponsor) company (Pustovit LLC, DBA Argonaut Boats) is USA based, and officially registered importing company for boats in South Florida. Trademark – Argonaut boats –  an elegant sea creature that is known for making the most beautiful delicate shells for protection, especially female Argonaut.  Argonaut Boats was founded to bring customers the rare opportunity of elegance, safety, and affordability. We believe that everyone should enjoy life on the water without sacrificing style, everyone should buy an affordable boat with Argonaut boats. We think of our boats for sale as art, and we invite you to join the Argonaut family, create your recreation boats, customize the best price boat for sale,  navigate and buy your boat with us.
Tatiana Pustovit is the owner of the company. She is fun of art and we are doing common events together. We have a team of professionals in the USA and abroad.  So far, Argonaut boats company is already working with some foreign countries as an importer and manufacturer, such as: Egypt, China, UAE.